Samurai Costume

The original dresses worn by the Samurai warriors provided both ease of movement in all directions without restricting the wearer and at the same time it was stitched out of tough material that would not wear down easily. Basically the dresses worn by the samurai warrior is the kimono and it consisted of two different layers, the outer one and the inner one as seen in a present samurai costume.

During the winter season, a heavier kimono is used to protect the wearer from the harsh and cold weather. However during the summer these dresses were made out of lighter materials like fine silk. If you take time to study a bit about the dress of the samurai, you will find that there was an annual occasion when the summer kimono was replaced by the winter dress. The silk cloth used for the summer season kimono is made out of silk which permits free flow of air and keep the warrior cool. Since Halloween traditionally falls during the winter season, it is obvious that the samurai costumes worn by the kids for this festival are stitched out of heavy materials. The color of the samurai costume also depends upon the age of the wearer.

During Halloween kids wear different types of dresses while they go visit their neighbors to seek trick or treat. While most of them wear typical costumes that make them look like witches or elves, there are some that dare to be different. While the traditional costumes, or the costumes that are generally associated with Halloween will remain there, some kids come out with new ideas and the latest trend is dressing up in a samurai costume. Those who have not heard about the term samurai should know that it is a type of dress that was worn by Japanese samurai warriors. Kids tend to dress in such clothing because it makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

If there are dozens of kids appearing as devils and spooks, it is but obvious that the one wearing a kimono will be visible apart from them. During Halloween, kids want to stand apart from the rest and get the maximum attention for themselves. This is the primary reason why they wear a samurai costume. The comfort factor is another reason why kids want to wear costumes that were traditionally worn my Japanese warriors. Imagine a kid wearing long flowing and colorful dresses, shouting in a strange manner and carrying a toy sword. He or she will be immediately singled out from the rest and will get special attention. This is what they want.

To get the treat ahead of the others and also to get the best treat. Hence they dress up in such a fashion so as to appear as samurai warriors. The samurai costume worn by kids during the Halloween festival is a close replica of those worn by the Japanese warriors with the sole difference being that the material used is not so costly or tough.